Peggy Sue - Fossils and Other Phantoms

Friday, 9 April 2010, 0:12 | Category : Reviews
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This album is a strong argument for not rushing things. It’s the debut album from Peggy Sue, but it’s not like they’ve just arrived, all green and wide-eyed. Unlike their mate Kate Nash who was pushed too fast too soon, blinking half-finished into the glare of publicity, Rosa and Katy have taken time to hone [...]

Here’s to you, Peggy Sue

Wednesday, 24 June 2009, 0:18 | Category : Good new stuff
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Peggy Sue haven’t been on this blog much, though they really ought to have been. I’ve got a couple of live radio sessions going back over two years which I never got round to posting. And somehow I never featured any of their singles, most of which have been very good. In that time they’ve [...]