Napoleon IIIrd - The Unknown Unknown

Tuesday, 28 September 2010, 16:29 | Category : Good new stuff, Songs
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One tasty treat that was waiting for me when I returned from holiday a couple of weeks ago was a new song from Napoleon IIIrd. I’ve hugely enjoyed this oddball Leeds artist’s willfully eclectic output in the past, and this new tune is a appetite-whetting sampler for his second full-length album Christiania, out on 8 [...]

Napoleon IIIrd - Hideki Yukawa

Friday, 27 February 2009, 12:57 | Category : Reviews
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You never need to read reviews before listening to albums. You have ears, your own likes and dislikes and you can easily make your own mind up. However, reviews can whet your appetite and sometimes help to understand what’s going on. So a quick word of advice before listening to the new mini-album by Leeds [...]