Seven Songs - Let’s Wrestle

Friday, 3 December 2010, 8:10 | Category : Seven Songs
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It’s not long since Let’s Wrestle were on here, but since they’re awesome, here they are again. They are the late-night kebab of bands - low budget, a bit messy and quite possibly bad for you. But in the right place and time, just perfect; exactly what you want. Actually, forget that. They’re perfect pretty [...]

Let’s Wrestle - In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s

Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 1:08 | Category : Reviews
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Thank goodness for reissues. Not something I’d usually say, since so many are lazy repackagings to squeeze more money out of old fans. However, they might just sometimes win some new ones. So I’m grateful that Full Time Hobby have re-released Let’s Wrestle’s debut album In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s, which first came [...]