Indian summer

Friday, 30 October 2009, 0:07 | Category : Good new stuff
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We Brits like to talk about the weather. This week the chat has all gone like “isn’t is amazing - it’s the end of October and it’s so warm” and “oh, have you heard, it’s going to be 21C this week”. Especially today as we sat outside and ate lunch. This is all good, not [...]

His Clancyness

Monday, 6 April 2009, 13:39 | Category : Good new stuff
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Jonathan Clancy is a man of plenty talent but (presumably) little time on his hands. Not content with fronting Bologna-based pruveyors of widescreen noirish soundscapes A Classic Education, and co-presenting a daily radio show in the same city, he’s also got a solo project on the go. Under the guise of His Clancyness, he strips [...]