Meursault / Eagleowl @ The Luminaire 30/10/2010

Friday, 3 December 2010, 18:02 | Category : Live reviews
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“Maybe Meursault have gone rock” joked my friend as we stood waiting at the Luminaire, noting all the electric guitars on stage. But three songs into their headline set, the jest proved prophetic when Neil Pennycook said “this is our new direction” before launching into the full-on guitar onslaught of ‘Flittin’. This is definitely a [...]

eagleowl - Sleep The Winter

Thursday, 26 November 2009, 12:47 | Category : Good new stuff, Songs
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eagleowl’s website proclaims that they “believe in doing things right, rather than doing things fast”. That suits me just fine - I’m happy to wait, especially if their output continues to be as brilliant as this. Their 5-track EP For the Thoughts You Never Had was one of my favourite records of 2008. Now, about [...]

Eagleowl - For the Thoughts You Never Had

Tuesday, 6 January 2009, 23:53 | Category : Reviews
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It happens every year. No sooner have all the end-of-year lists been tidied up, you think you’re done with the old year’s music and moved on to a new one, something else comes along which makes you recondiser it all over again. There’s a whole load of this sort of stuff coming up here soon, [...]