David Thomas Broughton // CAMP // 7 July 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010, 13:44 | Category : Live reviews, Photos
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Dressing and undressing. Playing with mics. Robotic dancing. Alarms going off. Rock Star poses. Reading flyers. Fuzzed up guitar solos, legs astride. Confronting the crowd. Crawling under the stage. Moments of extreme beauty, giving way to arrhythmic cacophony. Exhilarating, confusing, spine-tingling, irritating. Amazing.

He’s going away for a while. This was a farewell gig of sorts [...]

April MAP

Thursday, 15 April 2010, 23:57 | Category : Music Alliance Pact
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This month’s MAP contains no new music from me, but instead an overdue inclusion of David Thomas Broughton. The only problem with introducing him to a worldwide audience is that he can never really be appraised on his music alone. It’s not that his recorded output is anything short of wonderful, but because it’s in [...]

The Local Christmas Party @ The Big Chill House, 4 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009, 0:48 | Category : Live reviews
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It’s a Friday night in Kings Cross. Downstairs, weekend revellers are getting busy to some quality dance beats, but we’re upstairs in the appropriately named ‘Snug’, complete with Christmas tree, having a singalong. “Jesus, won’t you come my way” sings the bearded guy on stage, and the small, select audience joins in at his invitation. [...]

Staying True

Friday, 6 November 2009, 14:05 | Category : Video
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The latest Bandstand Busking session sees David Thomas Broughton as he’s rarely seen. Restrained by a fixed mic, and no amplification meaning no crazy looping antics. So he plays his songs straight, showing off their fragile loveliness, until in true form, he starts messing about at the end. Ah, that’s why we love him. Hey, [...]

David Thomas Broughton @ The ICA, 24 September 2009

Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 14:11 | Category : Live reviews
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David Thomas Broughton may be too leftfield to ever have mainstream success, but it’s clear  that his star in in the ascendancy, in its own peculiar way. Tonight sees him playing to a packed ICA, easily the biggest London venue that he’s headlined under his own name. But don’t expect any concessions to populism to [...]

David Thomas Broughton / Doveman / Samamidon @ Bush Hall, 30 January 2009

Friday, 13 February 2009, 12:52 | Category : Live reviews
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This review is now two weeks late, but it’s still written in the present tense…
It was in the queue to get into Bush Hall tonight that I spotted my review on the wall. The Bush Hall people have put up a bunch of framed pictures and reviews of gigs there by famous artists - [...]