You can get hold of me in various ways.

First, there’s email. Send your questions, comments, PR bumph and any requests for mp3 takedowns to daily underscore growl at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Then there’s myspace. There’s a Daily Growl profile you can have a look at, but it’s very old and I hardly ever use it. Myspace is so 2006, innit?

Better to head over to the Daily Growl page, where you certainly will have my attention. You can see what I’ve been listening to lately, and we can check our musical compatibility. You can also join The Daily Growl group! Amazing.

Facebook? Well, I have a personal account, but it’s not for Daily Growl-related action. And I can’t see any point in setting up a Daily Growl facebook group. Why would you want to join that?

If you really want, you can follow me on Twitter.