yeah, more Beth Jeans Houghton

Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 21:11 | Category : Live music
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If you read super-fast through the past few months of this blog it would go a bit like… blah blah Beth Jeans Houghton… blah blah Beth Jeans Houghton… but that’s because there’s a lot of love here at Daily Growl HQ for Newcastle’s own purveyor of fine pop and wearer of huge wigs. There’s also [...]

Richard Hawley - Truelove’s Gutter

Thursday, 24 September 2009, 0:35 | Category : Live music, Reviews
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A new Richard Hawley album is always a big event in the Growl household. We’re both fans, but Mrs Growl especially so. She was the one who ran to the main stage at End of the Road when Bob Lind announced that Hawley and Jarvis were to be backing him up on a few songs. [...]

Lunch with the Voluntary Butler Scheme

Saturday, 29 August 2009, 0:00 | Category : Live music, Reviews
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If you were releasing an album called At Breakfast, Dinner and Tea, you would do some sort of meal-releated promo for that album, right? That seems such an obvious thing to do, not only because it’s a nice cheesy tie-in with the title, but also because it combines two of the best things in the [...]

The Welcome Wagon in London

Wednesday, 26 August 2009, 23:10 | Category : Live music
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Rejoice! Brooklyn’s premier Reverend and wife orchestral folk duo The Welcome Wagon are coming to London! Last year, Vito and Monique Aiuto released the awesome Welcome to the Welcome Wagon album, which was recorded, produced and arranged by their friend Sufjan Stevens. It was in my top 10 albums of last year, so natuarally, I’m [...]

The Young Republic: get ready for new album and gigs

Tuesday, 25 August 2009, 23:42 | Category : Good new stuff, Live music
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Good news! Long-time Daily Growl faves The Young Republic are finally going to release their second album Balletesque on End Of The Road Records on 12 October. I’ve kept returning to this album for most of this year, and it just gets better. The indie kids who dug 12 Songs From Winter City are going [...]

Meursault live tracks

Monday, 17 August 2009, 23:51 | Category : Live music
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Quick post, because it’s late. Not that I need to say much, because I’ve previously bestowed all due praise on Meursault, because they’re great. They played live on BBC 6 Music a week or so ago, as guests of fellow Edinburgh man Vic Galloway, standing in for Marc Riley. Since then Marc’s been playing Nothing [...]

New Found grand

Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 15:40 | Category : Live music
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FOUND are a band that I’ve neglected up until now. Despite the fact that they’re on the ever-excellent Fence Records, and despite Matthew regularly raving about them, I’ve never really given them any time. Not even, shamefully, when they put out their Snarebrained compilation to fund their trip to SXSW in March. So it’s time [...]

Seven Songs: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Monday, 27 July 2009, 23:37 | Category : Live music, Seven Songs
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This week, there’s a Scottish theme on The Daily Growl, meaning most or all the music featured will be from my homeland, north of the border. I’ve been intending to do this for ages and as a result, I’ve had this interview waiting around till I got my act together. So at last, here it [...]

Live Leisure

Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 16:15 | Category : Live music
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I’m missing out on seeing The Leisure Society at ULU tonight, due to an unfortunate social clash. So I won’t be there to witness their triumphant version of A Matter of Time, surely their best song, despite what the Ivor Novello people thought. So instead, here’s a version of that song, recorded live last night [...]

She Keeps Bees @ The Britannia, 1 July 2009

Wednesday, 15 July 2009, 16:20 | Category : Live music, Live reviews
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The Britannia is becoming one of the best places for free live music in London. In addition to it being a good bar, having a critically acclaimed menu, and one of London’s best beer gardens (that’s a proper beer garden, rather than a beer patio like most london pubs) backing onto Victoria Park, there’s been [...]