About the mp3s

Although mp3s are posted on this blog, it’s not really about free music. It’s about promoting music I love with the hope that others will love it too. And buy it. If you just want free music, what are you doing reading music blogs? There are plenty dodgy filesharing netowrks out there.

The mp3s here are usually posted for about a couple of weeks, unless they’re very rare tracks or not available anywhere else. So please don’t email me and ask me to send or re-post tracks, because I won’t. Like I said, this blog isn’t just about free music. If the track isn’t there, there’s a good chance it’ll still be streaming at The Hype Machine, so head over to my Hype page and have a listen.

Most mp3s on this blog are posted with some sort of permission, in that they’re tracks or from CDs sent to me by record companies and PRs. However, the odd track is posted without permission. I hope that these are taken in the spirit in which they are intended - that of a fan sharing music with others and encouraging others to buy it too.

If you are an artist or their representative and aren’t happy about mp3s posted here, please get in touch with me and I’ll take them down. There’s no need for any heavy handed legal crap. This blog isn’t a big player, and it’s mainly read by music fans who aren’t here just for free music. If you’re really worried about copyrighted material being freely available, go chase the P2P and filesharing folks.

About the blog

The Daily Growl is a London-based music blog, writing about whatever music I like. Mostly it could come under the awkward categories of ‘indie rock’ or ‘indie pop’, but I like to see it as a bit broader than that. You be the judge. There’s a general bias towards new British bands and artists, which makes sense given where I am. There are plenty of North American blogs writing about music from that part of the world, and although the majority of my favourite music comes from that continent, it makes sense to big up the Brits.

In addition to album reviews, gig reviews and writing about songs, I like to keep some series going. I’ve done one on the defunct but legendary UK dance music magazine Jockey Slut, and I’m now working my way through my CD singles collection in a series called Singles Going Steady. I’ve also made a hesitant start on a series about London record shops.

About me

I’m The Daily Growl, though by not using my real name I’m not intentionally trying to create a mysterious character. It’s just that I’m not very interesting really. I try to find time to blog between often hectic work and family life, and a much less hectic social life.