Michael Kiwanuka - I’m Getting Ready

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On his debut release, there was a distinct folk element to his retro soul music, but on his new EP Michael Kiwanuka brings that right to the front, and in doing so stakes his claim to be the young British Terry Callier. Which is really saying something. The I’m Getting Ready EP is made up of three exquisite songs: the title track where Kiwukana seems to be channelling Nick Drake as well as Callier, the short and sweet folk-gospel of ‘I’ll Need You By My Side’ and the lush string arrangements of ‘Any Day Will Be Fine’, all basically saying that we’re got a major new talent here. He’s going to be huge, I’m sure, and these Adele support slots will have done that trajectory no harm. Just get to see him play soon, somewhere you can actually see his face.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for all this - you can experience ‘I’m Getting Ready’ in both audio and video right here.  I dare you to disagree.

I’m Getting Ready by MichaelKiwanuka

The EP is out on 18 September. Michael plays Bush Hall on 21 September.

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  1. 1Thomas@sound hire london

    This guy and the song really jive. The song is so meaningful. I love it. This guy has a lot of potential. I can see Bill Withers in his way of singing and playing the guitar. very nice song and deserving guy.

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