Low: ‘Especially Me’

Sunday, 21 August 2011, 0:38 | Category : Video
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The arrival this week of a new Low video for ‘Especially Me’ allows me a moment to talk about C’mon, an album that I’ve failed to mention here yet, despite it being one of my favourites of the year so far. Low are masters of shifting things enough with each release to keep things fresh, yet still comforting us with that familiar, well-loved Low sound.

They moved from the amped-up expansiveness of The Great Destroyer to the awkward stripped-back minimalism of Drums and Guns with ease, and now on their ninth full album, they’re combining these elements to produce a sort of ‘best of Low’, which sees them at the top of their game. Whatever else I like about Low, and there are many things, it’s always about the harmonies. For me, this is the main thing that elevates them from a good band to a great band. And there are plenty on C’mon. It’s what the angels sound like.

Obviously I’m going to recommend that you buy it. I’d suggest getting it from Norman Records. My vinyl LP came with a free EP with acoustic versions of five C’mon tracks. Here’s one of these.

Low: $20 (acoustic)

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