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Thursday, 18 August 2011, 14:01 | Category : Songs
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Us music bloggers usually take ourselves too seriously, and the rush to be there first is a tiresome tyranny we impose on ourselves. I know all this, and even though I always tell people that for me, blogging is a hobby, nothing more, I still find myself succumbing to this old nonsense. So when Everything Everthing were nominated for a Mercury Prize this year, I found myself eyeing my 7 inch of ‘MY KZ YR BF’ on Young & Lost and thinking “look, I was there first”. But last weekan even earlier version surfaced - a demo of the song, with a few differences, including the name. It’s not as good as ‘MY KZ’, obviously, or it would have made the cut, but it’s certainly not without merit, so I’m posting it here. Because it’s a good tune, because it’ll be of interest to those who are bigger EE fans than me, and because well, things like this help to correct that blogger imbalance in my head. So what if I’m first or not? Can I think of anyone who really, seriously cares abotu that? ‘Course not.

mp3: Everything Everything - Airstrike On Your Forehead (MY KZ UR BF demo)

The ‘proper’ version of MY KZ UR BF is on Man Alive. Buy it.

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  1. 1Robin @ Breaking More Waves

    In my extensive research (well I’ve asked about 10 people) it really is only bloggers who care ‘who got there first’. Nobody else gives a flying fig. However for us bloggers getting there first can mean (if an act takes off) Hype Machine chart placings, which means more hits, which means more listens which potentially means more subscribers which means more hits on future posts which means more exposure for the bands we’re covering, which ultimately is why we do it isn’t it - to let people know about the music we love and the more people that read about it the better for the artist (potentially) ?

    Now did I mention that my friends put on an EE gig in a crappy local pub when they first started out and there were about 10 of us in the audience, did I mention that I once watched Radiohead in front of an audience of 15 when they started in a small arts centre, did I mention…..(EVERYONE - SHUT UP ROBIN ) ok I’ll get my coat….

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