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Friday, 27 May 2011, 12:40 | Category : Live music
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About a year ago, I interviewed Kev Jones, one of the men behind Communion music. One of the things he enthused about that day was the week-long run of gigs that he was going to be putting on at the now-defunct Flowerpot venue in Kentish Town. It wasn’t meant to be just a few nights with bands playing, there were plans to record the performances and eventually produce a compilation to mark the event. It’s taken a while, but it’s finally released next week. In the time in between, Communion certainly hasn’t been idle. They’ve continued to release records by the artists on their roster and promote gigs across Britain and beyond. The Communion brand is being quite firmly established, and now that they’ve got backing from the might of Universal, things look like they might get a whole lot bigger.

So it’s a good time to be finally releasing The Flowerpot Sessions. Over two CDs, there’s a huge variety of songs and collaborations from the people who took part in the original gigs, a superb testament not only to the quality of the artists involved and how good the gigs were, but also to Kev’s vision in putting the whole thing together in the first place. And not forgetting a lasting final tribute tribute to what was a fantastic little London venue. It’ll be missed, but its legacy remains.

And not content with that, Communion are putting on Bushstock, a mini-festival next weekend in Shepherds Bush, taking over four venues with a whole bunch of these artists and plenty others. It’s a cracking line-up; check it out here. No news of a compliation coming out of this one though.

The following tracks aren’t on the album but they are by some of the Communion artists featured on the compilation. Enjoy.

Facing West by The Staves

Marcus Foster - Shadows of the City by Stayloose

Pete Roe - The Merry-Go-Round by Stayloose

Mt. Desolation - State Of Our Affairs by Stayloose

Kyla La Grange - Walk Through Walls by Stayloose

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