The Cornshed Sisters

Monday, 23 May 2011, 0:30 | Category : Good new stuff, Songs
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Before I leave this End of the Road-related theme, let me mention The Cornshed Sisters. I’m always intrigued by the application bands that make it onto the festival’s bill each year. That’s the unsigned artists who apply to play, and out of about 1400 applicants, only eight are successful. Listening through this year’s batch, apart from the excellent This is the Kit who I already knew, none of the others really grabbed me until I heard the Cornshed Sisters track ‘Tommy’. The gorgeous a capella folky harmonies and the North East accents caused the words “the new Unthaniks” to pop into my head. A lofty comparison maybe, and one they may not thank me for, but a fair one all the same. Looking forward to seeing them play in September.

01 Tommy by thecornshedsisters

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  1. 1david robinson

    Don’t forget the Cornshed Sisters are playing at The Sage
    (Summertime Americana Festival) as part of the HOME FRIES (local talent) on Friday 22nd July free check the Sage for more details…plenty of other good stuff !!

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