Napoleon IIIrd - The Unknown Unknown

Tuesday, 28 September 2010, 16:29 | Category : Good new stuff, Songs
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One tasty treat that was waiting for me when I returned from holiday a couple of weeks ago was a new song from Napoleon IIIrd. I’ve hugely enjoyed this oddball Leeds artist’s willfully eclectic output in the past, and this new tune is a appetite-whetting sampler for his second full-length album Christiania, out on 8 November. I’ll have more to say about the new record soon, but I’m rushing out this post just now, not just to let you hear this ace tune, but to say to anyone who is at a loose end in London tonight - GET YE DOWN CAMP BASEMENT on City Road! It’s the second night of the Brainlove tour, featuring Napoleon IIIrd and other artists from the ever-excellent Brainlove label. Folks elsewhere in England, check out the tour dates for a town near you.

mp3: Napoleon IIIrd - The Unknown Unknown

Napoleon IIIrd - The Unknown Unknown by brainlove

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