David Thomas Broughton // CAMP // 7 July 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010, 13:44 | Category : Live reviews, Photos
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Dressing and undressing. Playing with mics. Robotic dancing. Alarms going off. Rock Star poses. Reading flyers. Fuzzed up guitar solos, legs astride. Confronting the crowd. Crawling under the stage. Moments of extreme beauty, giving way to arrhythmic cacophony. Exhilarating, confusing, spine-tingling, irritating. Amazing.

He’s going away for a while. This was a farewell gig of sorts and contained the closest thing to an encore I’ve ever seen him do. Bye David. We’ll miss you. London’s loss is some other part of the world’s gain. Come back and play for us again. Please.

On the way out, there were David Thomas Broughton masks for sale. I wish I’d bought one.

mp3: David Thomas Broughton - Potential of our Progeny

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  1. 1Anthony

    Couldn’t make it to that one but we will miss you loads David come back from your travels soon!

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    yeah. do you know anything about his album?

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