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Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 23:50 | Category : Good new stuff
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When The Broken Family Band decided to call it a day at the end of last year, it was inevitable that its members would resurface sooner or later with other projects. The smart money would always have been on Steven Adams being the first to come up with something new, and sure enough he has. So we welcome the self-referential Singing Adams. The BFB fans among you will be well aware that Steven has already released a solo album under the name The Singing Adams in 2006, but this is slightly different. It’s a proper band starring Adams as well as Melinda Bronstein (Absentee/Wet Paint), Matt Ashton and Michael Wood. As they say themselves “This group started in January 2010. Previously Steven recorded an album as ‘The Singing Adams’ but that’s not this”.

It’ll be no great surprise to hear that the two songs that have surfaced today are hardly a great departure from Adams’ old group, but that’s fine. So you’ll hear warm melodic guitar songs, accompanied by Adams’ wry lyrics, just like before. That’s fine too. The songs might have a slightly rougher edge than previously, but perhaps that’s because they’re demos. They should probably stay this way. Can’t wait to hear more.


INJURED PARTY (DEMO) by Singing Adams

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  1. 1Agamemnon


    I like a pleasant surprise!

    A good man & good people, making good music!

  2. 2joe

    Agreed. Steve Adams is a lovely guy, and very funny too. His judging of ‘Folk Idol’ a couple of years back was one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. These are great new songs, and they rocked it at the Lexington on Monday!

    Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the album.

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