Dark Knight

Thursday, 4 March 2010, 1:18 | Category : Good new stuff, Remixes
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Drivetime. The time to leave work, get into the car and turn on the radio. There a DJ will keep you lightly entertained with smooth MOR tunes and some inane chat all the way home. I like to think there’s another reality where people will slide in a Mat Riviere CD and as their car [...]

Save BBC 6 Music

Thursday, 4 March 2010, 0:01 | Category : Stuff
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So it’s official. The rumours were true. The BBC wants to kill 6 Music. No surprise after last Friday’s leaked story, but it’s been interesting to actually see the report that recommends the closure, and infuriating to see Mark Thomson trying to justify it on TV today. The problem with the report and what Thompson [...]