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It’s quite funny that Australians send each other Christmas cards with pictures of snow, while having parties on the beach under the blazing summer sun. Over here, despite the usual grey drizzle, we still have that romantic fixation with snow at Christmas. Which means that Laura Marling’s new song Goodbye England can be a Christmas single even though it doesn’t mention anything remotely festive. It’s the snow that counts. Just look at that cover art.

Anyway, none of this is of any real significance to the music itself, which is lovely. The first time I heard it, when Laura played it solo acoustic on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 Music show a couple of weeks ago, I was rooted to the spot. It sounded amazing. It’s still magical after many more listens, and raises expectations for her new album, due sometime next year. In the meantime, do yourself a favour, buy yourself an early Christmas present. The single will never be a big Christmas hit, but as the X Factor / RATM nonsense rumbles on, you can be sure you’ve got the season’s true winner.

mp3: Laura Marling - Goodbye England (live on BBC 6Music)
mp3: Laura Marling - Made by Maid (live on BBC 6Music)

Buy Goodbye England from Recordstore. Stream the single version above. Thanks to (ace Scottish blogger) Llyod from Peenko for recording these live versions.

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