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Friday, 4 December 2009, 17:29 | Category : Good new stuff, Songs
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Forgive the multiple Shearwater post mentalism lately, but I’m excited about the new album The Golden Archipelago. I’m not even fazed by the prospect of a concept album about “man’s impact on the natural world”, because the past two records have been along these themes and they’ve been excellent. The first proper taster is the newly released mp3 Castaways, which sees Jonathan Meiburg and co in familiar dense and grandiose form. Like I said before, if these songs are the same amazing ones they have been playing this year, expectations will surely be satisfied.

mp3: Shearwater - Castaways

You can currently pre-order The Golden Archipelago in American money from the Matador website (15% off, though I don’t know how that translates through exchange rates and international post)

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  1. 1Chris

    Really liking this track. Check here for more info about their upcoming tour and ablum.

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