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Wednesday, 2 December 2009, 14:16 | Category : Live music
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This post is totally mercenary. I don’t rate Ellie Goulding, and will be deaf to the masses of hype and fluff that’s going to be whizzing about very soon. Neither am I a fan of Midlake, although I’m happy to admit that Roscoe is a great song. You may then think that this post is just designed to drive more traffic to my blog, and you’d be partly right, but despite my lack of love for both coverer and covered, I do think this is a decent little number.

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Roscoe (live on BBC 6Music)

Recorded off Lauren Laverne’s ace new 6Music show, by the way.

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  1. 1Robin @ Breaking More Waves


    Fair play, I’m sure you’ll get a fair few hits with this. Hopefully some people will then stay and read about some of the other great acts you’ve championed. I hope people don’t nip in download the Ellie track and nip out again never to return. I’m nipping in and out today, but return often !

    Keep up the good work - I’m putting a comment here to try and capitalise on your attempt to increase traffic by grabbing some of that traffic for myself by saying that our own blog likes Ellie quite a bit (although we have also written cautionary things about her prospects in some of the blog articles) so if you are reading this after you’ve finished at The Daily Growl, come on over to Breaking More Waves - no free downloads, but Ellie friendly (mainly)

  2. 2nasckarl

    oh, please can u upload the podcast? please.. I wish I Lived in U.K.
    thanks in advance

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    There’s no podcast, but you can listen again to the radio show this track comes from on the BBC iPlayer, or go to the BBC 6Music website, and follow the links for Lauren Laverne.

  4. 4Andrew

    I agree with you 100% on this girl. Heard good things but wasn’t impressed by the song she played on Jools Holland and nothing I’ve heard since has taken my fancy but this is a good cover. It would probably drive me mad if I heard it often though, the warbles in her voice don’t seem to stop.

  5. 5Rosie

    I will admit, I’m one of the “just found you on hype.m, part of the traffic” people, but I will check out your other posts…
    I also agree with you about this girl… I like this song, but generally her voice is a bit…weird…its very breathless girly, which is ok in certain songs, but sometimes you just want to shake her and make her sing normally :)
    Plus 6 music is amazing…have you listened to Steve Lamacq or especially the Guy Garvey (Elbow frontman) show–its fabulous…hauntingly ethereal music mostly…although occasionally there’s the odd song where you go, um really no!

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