Lunchtime with Lulu and the Lampshades

Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 23:01 | Category : Live reviews
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This week, I intend to spend most of my lunchtimes at Pure Groove. They’ve got a gig on at 1:15pm every day, which is good news for me, even though I can’t really take full part in their Ale Festival, which is also running all this week. Yesterday was a pleasant time sitting listening to the sweet acoustic sounds of Catriona Irving. Tomorrow I’m finally getting to check out Stairs to Korea, and Friday it’s the turn of Norwegian Teenage Fanclub-alikes I Was a King. But I think it’s going to be hard to beat today’s show by Lulu and the Lampshades.

Their current single Feet to the Sky is fast becoming one of my songs of the year, but even so I was a little taken aback at how good they were. Four people on stage knocking out gloriously ramshackle, catchy pop songs, bolstered by brilliant harmonies, top ukulele action and an impressive array of DIY instrumentation. Added percussion is provided by an old typewriter, a wooden box, a strange hand-held harp thingy, and best of all, their last song performed by Luisa and Heloise with yoghurt pots on top of a large wooden box, just like in the video above, but with positions swapped and a Luisa with shorter hair. It went down a storm with a decent-sized crowd. A shot of pure joy on a dull November lunchtime.

mp3: Lulu and the Lampshades - Feet to the Sky

Buy Feet to the Sky from Pure Groove.

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