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Wednesday, 4 November 2009, 22:47 | Category : Good new stuff
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The path from band to solo career is a well worn one, but travelling in the opposite direction is a much less-well worn route. although a more interesting one. When one of your favourite singer songwriters forms a band, you first wonder why, and then wait with excitement to see what transpires.

So Jeremy Warmsley can now be found fronting Acres, Acres - a band made up of a of his London mates, only a few months old, but already armed with a clutch of impressive songs. It’s a new set of clothes for Warmesley, but one what suits him very well. Guitars are cranked up louder than on his solo work, but that’s still his distinctive voice that you can hear in the new environs. And although that voice may be their strongest element, they’ve also nailed the harmonies very nicely (particularly on Hopeless). So much so that, along with song names like Come on Wheels, it all goes a little bit Stateside, but more by way of late 90s Blur (the best period) than anything more plaid shirt ‘n’ Stars and Stripes. They’re still very much an English band, and that’s a good. The main thing is that they’ve arrived. Substantial, complete and meaty. The only problem is - we need more than four songs!

mp3: Acres, Acres - Diamonds From Coal

If you’re reading this a few weeks from now and the link above has gone dead, head over here and claim the Diamonds From Coal mp3.

Acres, Acres play The Old Blue Last on 17 November. Jeremy is just coming to the end of his solo acoustic UK tour.

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