Seven Songs: The Voluntary Butler Scheme

Friday, 16 October 2009, 16:08 | Category : Seven Songs
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So here he is again, for the second time this week, our man Rob Jones with his amazing one-man band he calls The Voluntary Butler Scheme. Yesterday I introduced him to my global colleagues on the Music Alliance Pact, and now it’s the turn of Rob himself to give us his seven songs. I should [...]

Gold Panda

Friday, 16 October 2009, 14:55 | Category : Good new stuff
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Let’s take a little side-step shall we? The meat and drink of this blog is folky, indie type stuff, and there’s just generally been too much beardiness going on lately. So today I’m changing the rhythm a bit for Gold Panda, shadowy purveyor of top-grade glitchy electronica. His output so far is three EPs which [...]