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Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 22:44 | Category : Festivals, Lists
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I’m back from holidays and End of the Road Festival. Good times were had, and plenty of sun. I’m playing catch-up with all things blog-related, wading through hundreds of promo emails looking for the good stuff, and getting back into work and normal life again. Busy busy busy. I’ve got a bunch of blog posts waiting to go out, including this month’s belated Music Alliance Project, and some new Seven Songs. And of course a review of EOTR. Until that comes here a few photos (I didn’t take many this year, and they’re not very good) with some selected highlights after.

Some things I liked:

Making rockets in the Making Tent
Stillness is the Move
Bedtime stories at the library in the woods
Freshly-baked carrot cake
Painting in the Making Tent
The Righteous Steve Earle
Mr Porky Pie from Pieminister
Making masks in the Making Tent
The live lunacy of Quack Quack
The Fun Music Man in the Doing Tent
Beth Jeans Houghton making an effort on the outfit front
Le Donk in the cinema tent
The Leisure Society ’secret gig’ in the living room in the woods
Ladybirds in our tent
Dent May & his Magnificent leap from atop the drums
Jarvis and Hawley appearing to back up Bob Lind
Hot and Spicy cider and good time dance vibes at the Somerset Cider Bus

5 Comments for “Return to centre”

  1. 1Adam

    OK honest question, who is that violinist in the last photo?!
    I remember seeing him play with Lightspeed Champion last year, then I saw him in Sons of Noah and Adrian (not surprising because everyone is in that band) but then I saw him backing up Mumford and Sons last night, and now apparently he’s also in Leisure Society. I know the London folk scene is tight knit, but that guy is everywhere.

  2. 2The Ledge

    Think I saw him playing with Josh T Pearson at End Of The Road as well as the two Leisure Society sets. And I totally agree about Mr Porky Pie.

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    Adam, He’s Mike Siddell (sp?) who used to be in Hope of the States and their follow-up band Troubles. He’s now part of the Brighton-based Willkommen Collective and is in TLS, SONNAA (as previously said) and The Miserable Rich. He may be in more bands, and also may be a general violin dude for hire (no doubt he gets more cash backing up Mumfords and Lightspeed than with his Collective duties, so fair play to him).

  4. 4ro

    yup- and mike is a big Josh T Fan so i set that up- they only met an hour before…i thought it sounded grand

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    Nice one Ro. I did see a bit of Josh T, but missed the Siddell violin contribution, so shame about that.

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