First impressions: The Big Pink

Friday, 7 August 2009, 16:13 | Category : Good new stuff
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A Brief History of Love, the new album by The Big Pink isn’t out till September, but you can listen to the whole thing this week at the band’s website or using the widget below. I’m a bit behind on this one, so it’ll only work until the end of the weekend, but that may be enough time to get yourself acquainted with this eagerly expected record.

First impressions are good. Based on two latest singles - Stop the World and Dominos - my expectations were low. Neither of these tracks lived up to the promise of the monumentally good Velvet, and the b-sides were all throwaway stuff. But thankfully they’ve kept their best stuff for the album. Stop the World isn’t even on there. The album seems to succeed through pure brute force. Sure, there are some good tunes on there. There’s even neat bits of experimentation going on. But there’s nothing that can’t be achieved by cranking the guitars up several notches. And sometimes it’s hard to argue with that. I think it’s going to be a favourite before long

2 Comments for “First impressions: The Big Pink”

  1. 1Michael

    Have only heard ‘dominos’. Hard to believe they could be worth a listen to at all if they can release a track as awful and ’scouting for girls’ esque as that.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    I wouldn’t exactly say Dominos is anything like Scouting for Girls, but yeah, it’s not very good. However the rest of the album is so much better. Not subtle, but effective.

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