Big in Glasgow

Thursday, 30 July 2009, 15:41 | Category : Good new stuff, Reviews
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Glasgow has always had a thriving music scene, usually happily doing its own thing without caring too much about trends in London and the rest of the country. In the mid-90s when Britain was going gaga for Britpop, new bands in Glasgow were trying to be Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. It’s fair to say that [...]

New Found grand

Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 15:40 | Category : Live music
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FOUND are a band that I’ve neglected up until now. Despite the fact that they’re on the ever-excellent Fence Records, and despite Matthew regularly raving about them, I’ve never really given them any time. Not even, shamefully, when they put out their Snarebrained compilation to fund their trip to SXSW in March. So it’s time [...]

Meursault - Nothing Broke

Tuesday, 28 July 2009, 21:48 | Category : Reviews
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It’s only seven months since the debut Meursault album Pissing With Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues arrived with a blast in the middle of end-of-year round-ups; which is a shame, because if I hadn’t already done my best of 2008, it would certainly have made it in. In the short time since then, Edinburgh’s finest [...]

Seven Songs: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Monday, 27 July 2009, 23:37 | Category : Live music, Seven Songs
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This week, there’s a Scottish theme on The Daily Growl, meaning most or all the music featured will be from my homeland, north of the border. I’ve been intending to do this for ages and as a result, I’ve had this interview waiting around till I got my act together. So at last, here it [...]

Super Furry Animals @ Somerset House, 18 July 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009, 0:54 | Category : Live reviews
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There were a few things missing from the Super Furry Animals gig at Somerset House on Saturday. The first and most obvious one for me was Mrs Growl. This was notable, because in all the many, many times I’ve seen the Super Furries in the past 12 years, the constant factor was the woman who [...]

Let’s do something real

Thursday, 23 July 2009, 23:25 | Category : Video
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There’s always something fascinating about looking a pictures of abandoned and derelict places. In the past, I’ve wasted too much time on the likes of Derelict London and Abandoned Tube Stations, so I was always going to like the video for the new single by Manchester electropop tykes Delphic. The tune’s pretty decent too.

Live Leisure

Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 16:15 | Category : Live music
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I’m missing out on seeing The Leisure Society at ULU tonight, due to an unfortunate social clash. So I won’t be there to witness their triumphant version of A Matter of Time, surely their best song, despite what the Ivor Novello people thought. So instead, here’s a version of that song, recorded live last night [...]

Mercury mundanity

Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 12:15 | Category : Lists
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Ah, the Mercury prize. Every year, providing the opportunity for music fans to complain about how it’s a bad representation of British music, because it doesn’t contain X, Y and Z albums - and what’s that one doing on there? It’s crap. And so on.
This year, as with every year, the list contains albums I [...]

Indoor Minor

Monday, 20 July 2009, 22:36 | Category : Video
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Fanfarlo and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: two sets of artists you wouldn’t automatically put together. But here, observe the rough charms of the former covering one of the Bonnie Prince’s greatest songs whilst gathered in violinist Cathy’s living room. It works quite nicely. I wonder if Will would approve?

It still moves

Monday, 20 July 2009, 22:20 | Category : Video
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I’ve not mentioned either this song - which is possibly my favourite of the year so far - or the album it comes from, mainly because you don’t really need me to add my voice to add to all the others who have said how great it is. So many have said so, and they’re [...]