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Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 14:45 | Category : Songs
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This is one of the many reasons I love independent record shops. I was in Pure Groove the other day buying some records and threw in the latest Casiokids 7 inch to make up the numbers. As I did, the guy behind the counter suggested listening to the b-side at 33rpm. So I did, and sure enough, it works a treat. You may know the track Fot i Hose as a short but sweet blast of farting synths and galloping beats. But if the Norwegian band were ever thinking about getting a dubstep remix, they shouldn’t bother. Just slow it down and enjoy.

mp3: Casiokids - Fot i Hose
mp3: Casiokids - Fot i Hose (33rpm version)

Buy the 7 inch from Moshi Moshi.

4 Comments for “Dub stars”

  1. 1Chalky

    I love playing records at the wrong speed, do it too often! :-)

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    I see the band themselves have spotted it (see trackback above). I hope they like it.


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