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Thursday, 14 May 2009, 12:01 | Category : Video
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Jeffrey Lewis TV Episode 3 from Rough Trade on Vimeo.

You may say that this blog it turning into The Daily Jeffrey Lewis. I’d say no, but it is the Weekly Jeffrey Lewis. This week’s installment comes courtesy of the folks at Rough Trade, where we see our Jeff getting all topical on our asses with a regular round-up of the world’s news in his own inimitable cartoon-and-music style. The latest (above) covers North Korean nuclear tests, Obama in Prague and G20 protests in London. But that’s just the first part of his broadcasts. The second sees him teaming up with other bands and artists to perform covers.

So far there have been three episodes. You can see the first two here. The covers have been Eminem’s Brain Damage (with Laura Marling), Pavement’s Cut Your Hair (with Herman Dune) and Jonathan Richman’s The Lonely Little Thrift Store (with Noah and the Whale). I’ve got an mp3 of Brain Damage. Until next Jeff time, enjoy the pictures and tunes.

mp3: Jeffrey Lewis & Laura Marling - Brain Damage


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