Righteous Brother

Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 21:16 | Category : Songs
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You know the situation. You’re in a record shop, browsing. You see a record by someone you’ve never heard of before and you’re drawn to it. You might not be really sure why you’re drawn to it, but you are. Maybe it’s the sleeve, maybe the band name, maybe some idea of what might be inside.

This happened to me the other day in Rough Trade East. I saw a seven inch with the cover in the picture above. What do you reckon it sounds like? Rough-edged gospel blues, with some righteously-inclined lyrics? Something that’s far from groundbreaking but still somehow quite compelling? All of the above? Yeah.

Plus, on the back on the sleeve, there’s a line that reads ‘A mobile recording by Dan Sartain in Birmingham, AL’.  Even more intriuging. Translucent yellow vinyl? I’m having that, for sure.

I still don’t know anything about Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and his Southern Aces. I think it’s better that way.

mp3: Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and his Southern Aces - Lord, Keep Me Sanctified


Lord, Keep Me Sanctified b/w Spread a Joyful Noise is out now on Big Legal Mess Records. Buy from Rough Trade.

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