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Thursday, 19 March 2009, 22:05 | Category : Good new stuff
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Like most bloggers I want people to visit my site, though like other mp3 bloggers I know that it’s often the mp3s that lure people here. No matter how much I go on about supporting the artists, sometimes, for some people it’s all about the free music. Also, like many mp3 bloggers, I get a lot of traffic from the Hype Machine. Now if I want to increase my traffic from there, it pays to get one of my tracks listed in their ‘most popular’ list. And of course to get on that list, there are three easy rules to follow. 1. Post electropop. 2. Post remixes 3. Post cover versions. A cursory glance at the current popular list anytime shows that these sort of tracks make up about 80% of the stuff there.

So wasn’t it fortuitous that I got three promos in the post the other day containing exactly these three things? Bonus! Maybe I should post and watch the hits rack up. Here goes then…

1. Electropop: Peaches

The grande dame of filthy electropop returns after three years with more fithly electropop. This time it’s more the music than the lyrics that has that dirty feel, at least on the new single. Lead track Talk to Me seems the obvious choice, with its belting chorus and thumping bassline, but it’s More that I’m liking, erm more, with its scuzzy synths and pounding house beat. I’ve never been much of a Peaches fan in the past, but these two tracks are hugely impressive calling cards for the new album I Feel Cream.

mp3: Peaches - More

2. Remix: Golden Silvers

Here we have the winners of last year’s Glastonbury New Talent competition, now signed to XL, showing off their groove-laden indie rock on new single True Romance. The release features two ace remixes, one by Micachu & the Shapes under their M.A.T.H.E.S guise (geddit?) and one by the band themselves, which stretches the original out to double its length in an ace space disco stylee. The debut album, also called True Romance follows at the end of April.

mp3: Golden Silvers - True Romantic Re-Fix

3. Cover version: The xx

For all those like me who had never heard of these guys until recently, they’re a quartet from London, from the same school (literally) as Burial, Four Tet and Hot Chip. Apparently they love dark 80s guitar sounds and high-sheen R’n'B. And it shows. New single Crystalised comes across as a lo-fi boy-girl take on early New Order, and the b-side is a cover of Aaliyah’s Hot Like Fire. Both these are pretty good. Worth keeping an eye on The xx (lower case remember) as they put the finishing touches to their debut album, due out later this year.

mp3: The xx - Hot Like Fire

But despite my best efforts, I’ve made three crucial errors here.

1. Not being quick enough. The big hits favour the speedy, so you’ve got to post as soon as you receive. Ideally even before you hear it.

2. Not having a celebrity remixer. I’ve posted a remix from the band itself, for goodness sake. Who’s going to be interested in a remix by an band no-one’s heard of. Of their own song!

3. I haven’t tagged the cover version properly. If I had been wiser I’d have altered the ID3 tag to say ‘(Aaliya cover)’ just so that the internet world knows that The xx are covering Aaliyah and not Jessica Simpson, which of course is much cooler.

Sadly for me, I need to learn my lesson, not try to compete with the big hitters and stick to writing about obscure indie and folky bands. Mind you, these tunes are all good, I hope you agree. Maybe this post has been worthwhile after all.

myspaced: Peaches / The xx / Golden Silvers

Crystalised and Talk to Me are both out on 20 April on XL. True Romance is out on 27 April on Young Turks/XL.

18 Comments for “Shameless, traffic-seeking post?”

  1. 1jessicajlee

    you’ll always be a big hitter to me.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Gee, thanks!

  3. 3Dean @ Souls on Tape

    The post worked! It brought me here!

    Just kidding, I’ve been a reader for years now matey, but thought you might like the boost!

    Seriously though, it would be interesting to see if it actually boosted your stats? Did the fickle masses come running?

  4. 4last year's girl

    Well I’m here from my feed reader, and for the snark not the tracks (not down with my electropop, I have to say) so don’t let me throw the stats off! :p

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    I’m still trying to figure out my web stats - first time that I’ve looked at them since I moved the blog last Nov - and it’s a convuluted presentation f’sure. I do know that I got 178 referrals yesterday from The Hype Machine, but I got 372 from Seeqpod, so maybe they’re the big hitters. Who knows, and actually, who cares? Thanks for the traffic (and actual reading) though…

  6. 6Grant

    I read everything, and download almost everything based on your recommendations. I’m pretty sure I first heard about Emmy the Great on here, and now I own the album. As a Brit in America, I appreciate that your blog focuses mainly on British stuff. Cheers!

  7. 7Campfires & Battlefields

    Happy Spring Mr. Growl, sir. Of course you know that this blog is required reading in the C&B household. But this Peaches person frightens me.

  8. 8The Daily Growl

    Peaches? Scary? The woman who called an album ‘Fatherfucker’? Maybe you have a point. Have you seen the photos on her myspace? That’ll only confirm your fears…

  9. 9Campfires & Battlefields

    Good Christ. So I took your advice and checked out that Peaches myspace. Now I keep feeling like I need to wash my hands and brush my teeth. Such a delicate flower she is. “I Feel Cream”? I mean, honestly.

  10. 10The Daily Growl

    She’s comin’ atcha this year!

  11. 11Campfires & Battlefields

    If so, then I’d better be sure to stock-up on pepper spray.

  12. 12Robin

    As a blog writer and reader (I enjoy yours a lot and often agree with your tastes in the obscure indie and folk bands you mention) thought I would add to the list of posts, in partcular on the whole MP3 / Hits discussion. I don’t post MP3’s for a whole variety of reasons….the legal greyness of ownership of MP3’s, I believe the choice of giving away music free should in an ideal world belong to the artist (but I recognise the world is not ideal!), there are lots of sites that give away MP3’s and I don’t feel the world needs any more blogs providing that service, but also because I don’t just want the hits mounting up without people actually reading what I write…so i’m happy to stick to a smaller number of hits, but with regular readership who enjoy reading my views etc (and can then go way to other blogs and get free MP3’s!!!!). Now all I need to do is improve the writing !

    By the way, I find Peaches rather funny….

  13. 13The Daily Growl

    Robin - the main reason I post mp3s isn’t to generate the hits but to complement what I write. Now, I’m all for good writing about music, but I feel that writing about music on the internet can be freed from the constraints of printed paper. I can write about music and people can listen to it as they read. That doesn’t mean I can be lazy, but the medium offers more than just words. Audio and video all complement the text and add to the experience.

    That’s just my opinion, though some of my favourite music blogs post little or no mp3s, so we need all sorts…

  14. 14Attack Yourself!

    That Golden Silvers remix is awesome! But is it meant to have that chaotic mass of bitcrushed filtering at the end?

  15. 15The Daily Growl

    I think so. Well, at least the promo version I got sounded like that. A bit unexpected maybe, but there you go. I wonder what the proper released version sounds like?

  16. 16GSB

    Hello sir, your link to Hot Like Fire isn’t working… Any chance for a fix? Thanks!

  17. 17The Daily Growl

    It’s out now! Go get it…

  18. 18darren

    Not bad, been messing round my self

    Give it a go if you get some time it a remix of celestrial blus bt andy bey


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