I Dreamt I Was a Hammer and Everything Was Glass

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Here’s a trailer for a new piece of music that laughs in the face of record-releasing convention. Is it a single? An EP? A mini-album? The answer is none and maybe all of these. I Dreamt I Was a Hammer and Everything Was Glass is a one track, 19-minute instrumental epic from The Monroe Transfer, smartly presented in a handmade cardboard CD sleeve. Like the sleeve, the music inside is carefully and skillfully crafted by people who clearly love what they’re doing.

The CD is accompanied by a DVD which contains an animated video which tries to offer a visual interpretation of the sounds using photo collage and drawings. From that you won’t be expecting anything flashy or fast moving. Like the music, the visuals are simple, yet powerful and they take time to slowly unfold, telling the story of… well, I’m not sure what exactly the story is. But I don’t think that matters. Like the music, it’s a piece of art to be experienced, not understood. And if it’s a little strange, that’s OK too.

No mp3 here because that would be giving away all the music, and this is something that should be experienced in the lovely package that’s been conceived by the band. It’s out on 9 March. Buy the CD/DVD from Organ Grinder Records. There were only 500 of them made. Quick!

The Monroe Transfer play their club night Goodbye Faithful Kingdom! at The Macbeth tonight, and next Wednesday (11th) they provide the live soundtrack to Georg Wilhelm Pabst’s 1929 classic silent film Pandora’s Box at the BFI Southbank. Sounds good.

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