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Tuesday, 10 February 2009, 13:53 | Category : Video
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All good things must come to an end, and so, with some inevitability, time has been called on Jeremy Warmsley and Fay Buzzard’s excellent Welcome to our TV Show, which over the last year has showcased a fine bunch of bands and artists, live and direct from the Warmsley front room. Most of these have been featured on this blog, so it seems right to mark the occasion of the last WTOTS with a big shout out and a word of thanks for the good music. Unlike the previous episodes, the final one is in a different location - Adem’s home/studio - but the music is just as good. The players are Adem (naturally), Gossamer Albatross, The Elysian Quartet and the man himself. Jeremy thinks it’s the best one in the series. He may be right.

Welcome to our TV Show the 7.1: Adem/Jeremy Warmsley

mp3: Adem - To Cure a Weakling Child / Boy Girl Song
mp3: Jeremy Warmsley - Lose My Cool

Welcome to our TV Show 7.2 Gossamer Albatross/Elysian Quartet

mp3: Gossamer Albatross - Mary Queen of the Sea
mp3: The Elysian Quartet - Improvisation for WTOTS

As previously mentioned, J-Wo has started his own new video project, aptly titled Jeremy Warmsley’s New Thing, so the quality music-and-moving-image thing goes happily on…

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