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I know this is of little consequence to almost everywhere else in the world, but we had SNOW in London today. We’ve had snow before, but it’s usually the crappy kind that never lies and only makes the place dirty and slippery. Last night we had the proper white stuff, the like of which I’ve never seen in almost twelve years here. So much of it that today London ground to a halt.

Ever since my radio went off this morning and throughout the day, I’ve been hearing people complaing about how Britain can’t cope with snow. That’s true. But come on, let’s see this as a good thing. Thanks to the benevolence of harrased employers across the city, people have been swapping desks for snowball fights and computers for snowman building. And who wouldn’t rather do that? Snow is a great leveller. It makes strangers talk to one another on the street. It makes people happy. I like snow. Here’s hoping for more tomorrow.

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  1. 1Chalky

    I thought London was great yesterday - we built a mobster snowman:

    Wish it wasn’t all melting today.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Nice one. I made two. Both have now been destroyed by the snowman-destroying youths of Bow. There were plenty other ace snowmen round my way, including the one in the photo.

    The best I’ve seen is the snow walrus outside the Walrus pub on Lower Marsh near Waterloo. I’ll need to post a photo on Flickr as it’s melting now.

    Melting = SHAME

  3. 3Matthew

    We had snowball fights with everyone we encountered on our walk home on Sunday night. Absolutely everyone took it in fine spirit except for one woman who actually got out of her car to remonstrate. So I threw another snowball at her.

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