Blue for you

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 17:26 | Category : Songs
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After several hours of listening to the new Animal Collective album and simultaneously staring at the LP sleeve, you enter a strange and wonderful parallel universe which looks a lot like ours, but is much sunnier and Merriweather Post Pavillion is as much a part of the national fabric as fish and chips, black cabs and complaining. Schoolchildren whistle Summertime Clothes on the bus, X-Factor contenders do covers of Brother Sport and grannies play dominoes to the sound of My Girls. And the nation’s favourite song is of course Bluish, which has become a sort of unofficial national anthem. Loved, not just because of its happy combination of innocent love and sauciness, but just because it’s a perfect pop song. In a perfect world, perfect pop songs gain their rightful place.

mp3: Animal Collective - Bluish

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  1. 1jehan

    could not have put it better myself. it’s a beautiful pop song.

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