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Today is the last day of the Astoria. Tonight was meant to be the closing night, hosted by Ibiza superclub Manumission, but that’s been cancelled, so last night’s ‘Destruction Ball’, oranised by Sam Duckworth of Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and featuring himself, Frank Turner, The King Blues,  …The Trail of Dead and VV Brown amongst others (including forgotten 90s people My Vitriol and Paul ‘Mansun’ Draper!),  turned out to be the last show at the legendary gig venue.

Tonight, the Astoria’s downstairs sister venue, currently the Astoria 2, has its last fling, with usual Saturday residents Push throwing their last party. Then tomorrow it all goes quiet. And so ends over 80 years of history, going right back to 1927 when the Astoria was built as a cinema, and over 30 years of providing London with  live music. And it’s not just the two Astorias. Saturday is the last night at The Metro just round the corner. The only sound soon to be heard in these three great venues will be wrecking balls and power tools, as that corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road is cleared to make may for a Crossrail station.

Anyone who’s gone to gigs in London will have their own special Astoria memories. Mine include seeing Super Furry Animals for the first time, complete with horn-playing centurions; Belle and Sebastian kicking off with a searing surf-rock instrumental; dancing all night like a lunatic in front of the closed back bar as Underworld unleashed their killer beats; watching perplexed as Moby stood on his keyboard and the BPMs exceeded comprehension; watching grown men trying to recreate their student days to Teenage Fanclub’s The Concept; Jurassic 5 playing one of the best 45 minutes of live music I’ve experienced, witnessed through a sea of upraised arms. Two surreal moments at one gig were (1) my total bemusement at a mass singalong to Snow Patrol’s Run, played in support to The Sleepy Jackson because I had no idea that this previously under-achieving indie band had just scored a top 10 hit (2) later, during the headline Slot, Luke Steele’s bass player having a haircut live on stage.

So many memories. I’ve not actually been to The Astoria (or Astoria 2/Mean Fiddler/LA2) for a long time, so the loss doesn’t feel quite so acute, but it’s still a great shame that London is losing three decent central venues. That pretty much just leaves the 100 Club and the tiny 12 Bar as places to see gigs in this whole area of central London. The promise of a new venue on the old Astoria site seems a little hollow at the moment.

mp3: Teenage Fanclub - The Concept
mp3: The King Blues feat. Dan le Sac & Scroobius Pop - What if Punk Never Happened?

So what are your Astoria memories? And where will the action shift to now? Probably Koko, I guess, if it hasn’t already…

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  1. 1Robin

    God bless the Astoria. My favourite memory has to be watching Blur play a gig there with members of the Spice Girls sat on the balcony. After the gig the audience had a fair go at bottling the Spice Girls !

  2. 2ohsimone

    How about the Borderline?

    I remember seeing Frank Bloack for the first time at the Astoria. I almost wet myself when Caribou was on. Saw M83 in the LA2, Infadels in the Metro… Sad!

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    The Borderline is will be OK, as far as I know. It must be, because it was one of the London venues bought by HMV this week (though mercifully, it won’t have HMV in its title).

  4. 4Phil

    I remember catching The National there and being amazed at the response.

    The Polyphonic Spree just filling the stage and putting on an amazing love-in, walking through the audience for the encore, everyone so euphorically happy, drenched it sweat and slightly derranged that it made perfect sense.

    I’m gonna miss that place, though as you said the action’s mostly moved now to Koko or the god-awful O2 venues.

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