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Thursday, 8 January 2009, 13:12 | Category : Good new stuff
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I used to write a lot about Emmy the Great on here. In 2006, you’d probably have been sick of hearing me going on about her. Lately though, things have been quieter, mainly because there hasn’t been a lot to write about. It’s been almost three years since I came across her unannounced support slot for Tilly and the Wall at the Buffalo Bar and ever since then I’ve been been waiting for the debut album from the artist I once proclaimed would be ‘big in 2006′. Her official output in all that time has been limited to three 7 inch singles - a grand total of six songs. It’s been so long that the album’s become a bit of an indie folk-pop Chinese Democracy.

But hey. I’m not knocking her. I appreciate how hard it can be for unsigned artists to get their stuff out. And while Ms Moss’ friends and peers have gone on to bigger and better things, she’s been left to put out records herself. The good news, which all fans have known for a while, is that the album - titled First Love - is out on 2 February. In November last year, about the time when the album was first slated for release, Emmy and her band played three of its songs live for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music. We Almost Had a Baby was the current single, Dylan continues her tradition of perky songs and wry lyricism, and Everything Reminds Me of You introduces a slice of spooky Americana, which is a welcome move. The songs were produced by Emma’s bandmates in The Earlies’ studio and though the tracklisting contains a few old favourites, it will be interesting to hear the new arrangements. So, looking forward to February then, which also sees a big national tour, culminating at ULU on the 27th.

mp3: Emmy the Great - We Almost Had a Baby (live on BBC 6Music)
mp3: Emmy the Great - Dylan (live on BBC 6Music)
mp3: Emmy the Great - Everything Reminds Me of You (live on BBC 6Music)

Emmy the Great myspace / website

Pre-order First Love from Rough Trade.

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  1. 1jessicajlee

    i had a feeling that when i forgot to record these last year, you would remember. thanks. x.

    also, if you want, i compiled a list this evening of every emmy track i know to exist. it sits at about 75ish, if you are interested.


  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah - then I can see which ones I haven’t heard. So, she really should be on her 6th or 7th album then?

  3. 3Chalky

    Emmy The Great is doing a free bandstand busk in London this Sunday.

  4. 4Josh Heller

    She had never really said she was gonna make an album, but people kept just expecting her to. It wasn’t exactly that she couldn’t get her stuff out, she didn’t really feel able or willing to make an album.

    I interviewed her a few weeks ago, feel free to have a read. And yes, I did fall more than a little bit in love with her.

  5. 5jessicajlee

    Well, yes and no. Perhaps on her fifth album if she released a few of her live bootlegs. Here goes, and this includes everything I have plus I’ll make mention of the one thing I don’t have:

    - BBC Hew Stephens Interview
    - Gabriel (BBC Huw Stephens)
    - MIA (BBC Huw Stephens)
    - Two Steps Forward (BBC Huw Stephens)
    - Where is My Mind (BBC Huw Stephens)
    - The Hypnotist’s Son (BBC Introducing)
    - We Almost Had a Baby (BBC Introducing)
    - Christmas in Prison
    - Winchester
    - Three Men and Little Lady
    - Long Island (Wave Pictures Cover)
    - Winchester (live)
    - The Hypnotist’s Son (live on Cross the Pond)
    - Secret Circus (live on Cross the Pond)
    - Absentee
    - Aiko
    - Atoms
    - Snow
    - My Party is Better Than Yours (original demo)
    - Canopies and Grapes
    - My Guitar
    - 24 (live on WTOTS)
    - Gabriel
    - If I Had Known…
    - MIA (live at Pure Groove)
    - Hold On (Kruger)
    - Paper Trails (Kruger)
    - City Song (XFM)
    - MIA (XFM)
    - The Woods (XFM)
    - Where Is My Mind? (BBC Maida Vale - emmy’s myspace)
    - The Easter Parade (MTV)
    - The Hypnotist’s Son (MTV)
    - The Catch (Pick Your Own)
    - MIA
    - City Song
    - The Easter Parade
    - The Woods
    - Aiko (with band)
    - The Hypnotist’s Son (new)
    - My Party is Better Than Yours
    - Where is My Mind (The Selector)
    - Absentee (XFM Exposure 2006)
    - Edward is Dedward (XFM Exposure 2006)
    - Absentee + Songwriters’ Feature (Selector)
    - Atoms (new)
    - City Song (demo)
    - City Song (First Love)
    - Easter Parade (demo)
    - Edward is Dedward
    - Edward is Dedward (new demo)
    - First Love (live)
    - Gloria (live)
    - History of Britain
    - MIA (demo)
    - MIA (first love)
    - Paper Trails
    - Paper Trails (live)
    - Short Country Song
    - Two Steps Forward (demo)
    - Two Steps Forward (live)
    - War
    - We Almost Had A Baby (demo)
    - We Almost Had A Baby (First Love)
    - The Woods (original demo)
    - The Woods (with Lightspeed Champion)
    - Big Water
    - Poor Little Rich Boy (w/ Jeremy Warmsley)
    - Everything Reminds me of You (First Love demo)
    - Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe (First Love demo)
    - The Hypnotist’s Song (First Love demo)
    - Two Steps Forward (First Love demo)
    - We Almost Had a Baby (BBC 6Music)
    - Dylan (BBC 6Music)
    - Everything Reminds Me of You (BBC 6Music)
    - I will always love you (Dolly Parton Cover on BBC Radio)
    - We Almost Had a Baby (Live on BBC Radio)

    and the one I want: The Woods (Live on the Selector)… She has a copy of this and put it on her myspace once about two years ago and then immediately took it off. It’s otherwise MIA.

    - j.

  6. 6The Daily Growl

    So where’s the Emmy busk then? Please tell me it’s Victoria Park!

  7. 7jessicajlee

    It’s at Northampton Square in Islington at noon. Maybe see you there!

  8. 8Tom

    I genuinely think emmy is my favourite person in the world ever.

  9. 9stephen

    so far, can take or leave Emmy (musically) but this post’s title is coincidentally also the name of a cracking track on the recent album by US girl-with-a-guitar Haley Bonar. Bit more americana going on but they do share a certain aesthetic - go here:

  10. 10Harrison

    I honestly dislike the album version of Edward Is Dedward… And have been looking to track down that live xfm exposure version - You posted it once but the links dead, if you ever get a chance I’d love if you posted it again.

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