Bootsy call

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 21:28 | Category : Good new stuff
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Good news! New Magic Arm! The Manchester-based artist otherwise known as Marc Riglesford has got a new EP coming out soon. It’s a proper EP too - none of your cheap four-track jobs - Marc’s giving us six fresh tunes. How’s that for a credit crunch bargain?
Marc’s got good form, based on the quality of [...]

Blue for you

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 17:26 | Category : Songs
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After several hours of listening to the new Animal Collective album and simultaneously staring at the LP sleeve, you enter a strange and wonderful parallel universe which looks a lot like ours, but is much sunnier and Merriweather Post Pavillion is as much a part of the national fabric as fish and chips, black cabs [...]

Belated Fence post

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 0:34 | Category : Reviews
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I know I’ve been talking about trying to get lots of new stuff up, but I’ve still got unfinished business from last year. In early December I bought three albums from the ever-excellent Fence Records, the main recording output for the Fife-based Fence Collective, featuring three of their longest-established and best-loved artists. All of them [...]

Awa’ hame

Monday, 26 January 2009, 23:02 | Category : Stuff
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I’m a day late this year with the haggis, neeps and tatties and whisky, but better late than never. There’s too much going on at the moment, and add to that the happy new Ox year celebrations too, I’m all celebratory-mealed-out now. Still, as is customary in our house, in addition to the food and [...]

Wavves roll in

Friday, 23 January 2009, 22:33 | Category : Good new stuff
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It’s three weeks into the new year, and heaps of good new stuff is beginning to flood in. I’ve just not had enough time to keep up with the deluge of PR emails and mailshots, so I’ll have to gradually bring you the new noises over the next few weeks. But we can start with [...]

I sit here and I wonder

Monday, 19 January 2009, 23:54 | Category : Songs
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One thing that I’m looking forward to in 2009 is new material from The Earlies. Their myspace carries a vague promise of “an EP to be followed by a new album at an as yet undetermined date”. I’m happy to wait though because there are very few bands that occupy that crossroads where cowboys and [...]

MAP January

Friday, 16 January 2009, 12:56 | Category : Music Alliance Pact
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Here’s the January installment of the Music Alliance Pact. This month, we’ve gained Romania but lost Denmark, so we’re still on 21 blogging nations. And oddly enough, MAP got full-page coverage in an Argentinian daily newspaper!
ARGENTINA – Zonaindie
Bicicletas – 11 y 20
We started the year listening non-stop to this brand new song by Bicicletas, [...]

Last chapter of the Astoria

Thursday, 15 January 2009, 23:50 | Category : Stuff
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Today is the last day of the Astoria. Tonight was meant to be the closing night, hosted by Ibiza superclub Manumission, but that’s been cancelled, so last night’s ‘Destruction Ball’, oranised by Sam Duckworth of Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and featuring himself, Frank Turner, The King Blues,  …The Trail of Dead and VV Brown [...]

Meursault - Pissing on Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues

Thursday, 15 January 2009, 13:11 | Category : Reviews
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Here’s another one from the Palace of Good Music that is Song, By Toad Records. Almost exactly a year ago, when I finally discovered Broken Records for myself, I asked Matthew for recommendations of more decent Edinburgh bands. His response was pretty swift, and suggested Meursault whom he had recently come across. Twelve months on, [...]

Singles Going Steady 28: Groove Armada

Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 22:46 | Category : Singles Going Steady
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You may be surprised at this one. The song that launched a million crap chill-out compilations and soundracked a thousand adverts. What’s it doing here?
It’s pretty much just sentimental reasons, really. It’s actually quite a good song, at least I thought so back in ‘99, but over-familiarity and ad nauseum repetition have definitely bred contempt. [...]