The evil empire strikes again

Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 12:24 | Category : Uncategorized
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Yes, it’s happened again. In the past week, I’ve had two more DMCA-related deletions from this blog. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a fair cop, but the posts that were targeted make no sense at all. One of these was on Glasvegas from last year using demo mp3s that were freely available on the band’s myspace at the time, and before they signed with Columbia. Given other bloggers’ experience, this retrospective targeting was only to be expected. The other was a post featuring tracks from Esser and Calexico, BOTH of which were sent to me by PRs with the express purpose of posting.

I’m getting fed up of this, and before any posts that I really value get deleted, I’m going to suspend activity here until I work out how to migrate The Daily Growl to a self-hosted blog, which should give me some breathing space. I’m no technical whizz, but I’ve got to learn. So bear with me. Normal service should hopefully be restored before too long…

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  1. 1ypotier

    sorry to hear, especially when it’s so idiotic… waiting for the next version of the site.

  2. 2theneedledrop

    It seems there’s an increased amount of these going on all over the place. I’m going to have to keep watch on mine to make sure things aren’t getting randomly deleted, too.

  3. 3Robin

    It seems to be happening to a lot of blogs, particularly those who have old Glasvegas tracks, who at the time were probably owned by the band, but may have now been sold on. The whole area of intellectual property is a very grey area… if someone gives you a song but then they sell the ownership rights on, do they sell the rights to material that they have already passed on to others ?

    It is because of this grey area and the danger of this happening that I choose not to provide MP3’s for people to listen to on my blog, simply links to the bands myspace page (if they have one) so that people can listen to the songs “legally”. Not because of any moral / legal high high ground that I’m taking, but simply so that my blog doesn’t get mucked around by “The man” like many others seem to be experiencing at the moment.

    Good luck with the revamped blog !

  4. 4Anonymous

    as long as you provide emusic links I’ll be happy

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    Ta folks. Robin, in this climate yours is probably a wise move, but I do intend to keep posting tracks. theneedledrop - you’ve been lucky. Watch your back! Not that you can do anything about it as long as you’re on Blogger though.

  6. 6Tim | TheBlueWalrus

    I’ve been watching the growl for ages. If you need help moving (or free hosting) let me know.
    tim [at] thebluewalrus [dot] com

  7. 7Gregstop

    The misses has a self hosted wordpress blog, that seems a pretty safe bet.

  8. 8Flash

    My blog has been getting nicked too. It’s beginning to take the wind out of my sails. It’s like “hey, sorry for all the free promotion”

  9. 9MFM

    The same has been happening to mine. What I’m doing to solve the problem (to some extent) is I’m saving the html of each post in a word document so that if and when a post gets deleted, I can just up it again without the link to a song.
    But if you find a way to self-host yr. blog please let me know so I can consider doing the same!

  10. 10Neil

    unfortunately if you’re listed on hype machine or then wherever you host, you’re gonna be easy to find. Shame coz i love those services, but then so do the major label lawyers (in Glassvegas case, Columbia) who have realised they can be used to make finding stuff really easy.
    Simple message is to tell bands that if they’re signed to a major, they won’t be written about. They suffer, you suffer and we suffer. But fuck it - Gradually new artists will think twice about signing to labels run by lawyers rather than people who love music.

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