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A Classic Education are one of these perfectly-named bands. In the sense that theirs is classic indie rock, informed by three decades of classic indie rock. You don’t have to listen too too hard to sense their influences - seemingly everything from Echo and the Bunnymen to Arcade Fire and everything decent in between.

I’ve been on about them here before, but today there’s two good new things. One is that they’re in town this weekend for a couple of gigs. So if you’re in London, and are looking for some gig action, you could do far worse than to head down to either The Fly tonight or Dalston’s premier former furniture store basement Barden’s Boudoir tomorrow night to see Bologna’s finest play. I can’t make it unfortunately, so if you do go, say hello to Jonathan and the boys for me.

The other thing, is a new song. Freshly recorded this week. It’s good of course.

mp3: A Classic Education - We Can Always Run to Hawaii

A Classic Education myspace / website

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  1. 1mp3hugger

    A pretty cool band that’s in touch with blogger’s wants and needs.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yep. Good live too, if you get the chance.

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