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The Daily Growl is a modest blog, and I have no big ambitions for it. Apart from continuing to write about music that I like, which hopefully others will like too. I’m under no illusions about how influential or cutting-edge I am. Heck, this is just a hobby, although most music bloggers (myself sometimes included) take themselves too seriously to admit that.

That said, one of the greatest pleasures of this business is to get positive comments about what I’m doing. This is the sort of thing that makes my hurried lunchtime scribblings seem worthwhile. I got some compliments today from Alessi Laurent-Marke, a 18-year old from North London. While that may be unremarkable in itself, the email came with a nice surprise – a song to “fill your ears”.

Alessi, who seems like a modest soul herself, has recorded under her first name, the more awkward Alessi (music) and now seems to have settled on Alessi’s Ark. But it’s still the same person, still playing her unfussy and lovely acoustic folk-pop tunes, some of which have stings, some of which have a little country tinge. Her voice may get some references to Joanna Newsom, but let’s stay away from that, eh? The song from the email –The Horse – is one of these lovely folk-pop songs. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Hope you do too.

mp3: Alessi’s Ark – The Horse

Alessi’s Ark myspace

You can buy Alessi’s Bedroom Bound EP from her myspace now. She’s on tour with the Pirates-less Peggy Sue and Derek Meins from 31 October. These are guaranteed to be fine gigs.

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  1. 1Robin

    Hey, I’d never heard of Alessis Ark until your blog, and having listened to her I have to say she’s great. Had to immediately write something about her myself on my blog. Thanks very much for bringing her to my attention, and I will certainly be catching one of her gigs with Peggy Sue this November.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Glad to be of service Robin. Like I was saying, this is exactly the sort of thing for which this blog exists. Cheers.

  3. 3SMc

    She was on the Local stage at the End of the Road. 'Her voice may get some references to Joanna Newsom…'
    And when there's such an obvious connection to be made surely you've gotta watch your personal style:
    Then again, I'm currently enjoying the new Raphael Saadiq which basically replicates classis Marvin Gaye/Curtis Mayfield/Eddie Kendricks, right down the skinny tie and slick moves:

    If you leave it long enough, impersonation can at least become 'affectionate tribute'!

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