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Today we’re going to Glasgow via Manchester and Fife. That’s because Down The Tiny Steps are from Glagow, part of the feted Fence Collective, but have just had their latest release put out by Manchester’s Red Deer Club records.

On their website, DTTS describe themselves as a “Glasgow-based electro-folk-pop trio.” This gives you a rough idea of what they might sound like of course, but they’re worried about how that may be understood. “That sounds cack” they add “but they are not”. They protest too much. It doesn’t take long listening to their er, electro-folk-pop (look, it’s no better or worse than ‘folktronica’) to realise that they’re onto something good.

The band consist of main man Jonnie Common, and his mates Craig Rankine and Graham Norris. They’ve yet to release a ‘proper’ album, but have put stuff out on various compilations and CDRs through the likes of the Fence folks. I guess the new album is the closest they’ve come to a full-length release. It’s a download-only live recording of a gig they did for Red Deer Club at a church in Salford in May this year, and it’s a nice little sample of what they do. Reminds me of a more lo-fi Beta Band. Nice. Here are a couple of tracks.

mp3: Down The Tiny Steps - Summer is for Going Places
mp3: Down The Tiny Steps - Handstand

Down The Tiny Steps myspace / website

Buy Live at Red Deer Club 2008 from the Red Deer Club site.

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  1. 1Nutsy Fagan

    They all look freakishly close to other people - from top to bottom - John Cusack, The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and someone I know personally and don’t really like. I am curious to hear what they sound like.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Listen away, my good man. Don’t let the faces put you off…

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