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Yesterday, I got a complaint about remixes. It went:

“I think it’s pretty ridiculous to post 2 remixes and not a single original song from the artist. You’ve done this before, and it makes me think that you care more about your ranking on hype machine than about respect from your audience.”

Now it’s clear to anyone even half-acquainted with The Daily Growl that this isn’t the place to come for either remixes or Hype Machine-hot bands. All you need to do is scroll down to discover that. But that said, I have posted a few remixes this week, and I’ve been known to slip the odd one up from time to time. I hope you don’t mind folks. The sort of comment above deserves all the ridicule it can get (and thanks Neil for helping with that), but to keep things straight for now, there are at least three good reasons for posting remixes.

1. I get sent quite a lot of remixes. They’re quite handy promotional devises for PRs and record labels, which suits them, and it suits me because they’re entirely legit to post. In a climate where (major) record companies seem to be getting more and more paranoid and start targeting blogs in new insidious ways (more on that chestnut later), the more approved stuff I can post the better. Particularly if it’s good.

2. Whilst I regularly post a couple of tracks from albums I review, I almost never post current singles. Simply because a couple of tracks from an album is a taster, and is more likely to encourage someone to buy it than not, whereas posting the main track from a single most likely means that you won’t buy it unless you’re a vinyl collector. This is not what I want. Remixes of singles can provide a decent taster, and encourage further exploration. Remember, although you can get free music from blogs, this is not what they’re about. We (and I know I speak for all good bloggers here) want to encourage enthusiasm and promote artists we like. Comments about wanting ‘original tracks’ just make me think someone’s on the scrounge for freebies.

3. I post remixes if I like them. I get sent a lot of these and only a few actually make it onto my posts. This is the radical concept of bloggers posting music that they like. Amazing.

And although it’s clear that I don’t crave big Hype Machine hits, the occasional top 50 track is very welcome, because hopefully people will stop by and check out the likes of James Yorkston, Gossamer Albatross and Sky Larkin (to name some recent less Hype friendly acts).

Anyway, enough of all that, because folks, we have another REMIX to post. Oh yes. This time it’s from ace computer-folkster James Yuill. He’s just had his debut album Turning Down Water for Air released by Moshi Moshi, which I haven’t heard, but if it’s as strong as his previous singles, it’ll be a good listen. Given that James is know for mixing up electronics with acoustic guitar, this fine remix from space-disco king Prins Thomas isn’t a radical departure from the norm, Just a bit longer, and very tasty.

mp3: James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)

James Yuill myspace / website / blog

Buy This Sweet Love 7 inch and Turning Down Water for Air from the Moshi Moshi shop.

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