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Just after I got back from my post End of the Road Festival holiday, catching up on my emails I read:

“I noticed that you’re heading down to the festival this weekend and thought you might be interested in checking out Gossamer Albatross, i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Ah. Too late. Mind you, I seem to recall that they played on the Friday afternoon, probably around the time when we were struggling with the rain falling down heavily outside our tent and The Baby Growl throwing her food about inside. So I might not have been able to make it even if I wanted to.

Still, Simon Sweeping the Nation seemed to enjoy their EOTR set, and listening to them now, I reckon I may well have been pleasantly surprised. There may seem to be an increasingly crowded room full of orchestral indie types these days, but there’s certainly room to squeeze in the members of Gossamer Albatross. Actually ‘orchestral’ might be slightly misleading given that there’s only four of them, but despite the relative lack of personnel the classically-trained Hereford youngsters manage to create a sound of remarkable depth and maturity. While their peers are no doubt jumping round shouting with guitars, these kids are tuning up their violins and cellos to fine effect.

The songs I’ve been sent show plenty of promise and any lack of weight that you might detect is likely due more to resources than a lack of ambition. I await further songs with anticipation, particularly since they’ve been working with Daily Growl fave Jeremy Warmsley in the producer’s chair. That should be well worth a listen.

mp3: Gossamer Albatross – Elizabeth, Queen of the Sea
mp3: Gossamer Albatross – The Ground Will Take Us Down

Gossamer Albatross Myspace/ blog

Buy the 7 inch single containing the two above tracks from their myspace or Pure Groove.

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  1. 1Blank Stares & Cricketclaps

    Hey, they’re doin a show at my shindig next week, nice blogging!




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