Deerhunter - Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.

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It’s been a prolific year from Bradford Cox. He’s released his solo debut album as Atlas Sound, and followed that up with a run of ‘virtual seven inches’ on his blog. And just to prove that he just can’t stop recording, with his ‘proper’ band Deerhunter he’s released not one, but two albums, hitting the [...]

Corporate hacking and the war on bloggers

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For me, it started back in September. Just after returning to blogging post-holiday, I noticed that something wasn’t quite right. I was sure I had done a post about Richard Hawley side project The Feral Cats, but it wasn’t there any more. Strange, especially given that the song still appeared on my Hype Machine listing. [...]

Alton Ellis 1938 - 2008

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When Isaac Hayes died earlier this year, everyone knew about it immediately, and rightly so. However, 10 October saw another reggae legend pass away with seemingly little comment. I can almost understand Joe Gibbs’ death being widely ignored several months back, because he was more of a backroom man (even though hugely influential), but [...]

True Story

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You know how sometimes an artist who has never really been properly on your radar (or has been out of mind for a long time) in short space of time keeps on cropping up, as if to say “hey, listen to me”. Or something like that. Anyway, it’s happened to me recently with Matthew Herbert. [...]

Sugar baby

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It’s a a damp autumn afternoon. The Baby Growl is asleep and a measure of peace has been restored to the house. What better to do than spend some time making Nigella’s amazing chocolate banana loaf? With added rum of course. And the soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon of domestic goddessness? Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks [...]

Further Education

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A Classic Education are one of these perfectly-named bands. In the sense that theirs is classic indie rock, informed by three decades of classic indie rock. You don’t have to listen too too hard to sense their influences - seemingly everything from Echo and the Bunnymen to Arcade Fire and everything decent in between.
I’ve been [...]

Bodies of Water @ Cargo, 14 October 2008

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I don’t want to start a review feeling sorry for a band, but lastTuesday night at Cargo there was something lacking. It was nothing to do with the band’s performance, which was superb. It was the audience. Not even their enthusiasm for the band, just the number of people. Cargo’s not even a particularly big [...]

Alessi’s Ark

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The Daily Growl is a modest blog, and I have no big ambitions for it. Apart from continuing to write about music that I like, which hopefully others will like too. I’m under no illusions about how influential or cutting-edge I am. Heck, this is just a hobby, although most music bloggers (myself [...]

Friendly fired up

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Here, Friendly Fires prove again what an awesome live band they are. And that having two drummers makes you sound amazing. Snow Patrol, who appeared on the same TV show last week, should take note.
mp3: Friendly Fires - Paris (Arto Mwambe Remix)
Friendly Fires myspace / website
XL releases Paris as a single on 10 November, [...]

Let the Spirit Move You

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Let’s round off a week of (lazily posted?) remixes, with another. I haven’t got round to reviewing Roots Manuva’s Slime and Reason album yet, mainly because I haven’t given it enough listens, though what I’ve heard sounds pretty good. What I do know is that his new single Let the Spirit is totally ace. I [...]