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I don’t have the time to do a proper End of the Road preview (I never thought I would), so this is just a quick signing-off type post. As the very astute of you may have gathered, I’m off to the End of the Road Festival in Dorset next weekend, which if the weather improves a bit, should be brilliant. We’ll be on holiday on the south coast for a few days before the festival and heading up to Scotland afterwards, so this will be the last post till at least 23 September, when I’ll be back with a full festival review.

This year’s festival should be a bit easier than last year’s for us, since The Baby Growl is no longer three months, and is probably old enough to actually enjoy some of the music, and certainly whatever kids stuff is happening. So in between running after her, I hope to see some bands. The line-up for this year might be the best yet, and for the first time in EOTR’s three-year history it has sold out. So that should ensure its existence for another year at least. Good news.

Anyway, here are some tunes by some of the artists I’m looking forward to seeing next weekend. I’m also hoping to see fellow bloggers Matthew Song By Toad and Simon Sweeping the Nation there at least. And if you’re at the festival, say hello. I’ll be the one with the 15-month old baby. Oh hold on….

mp3: Low - Breaker
mp3: Micah P Hinson - When We Embraced
mp3: Bon Iver - Flume
mp3: Pete and the Pirates - Mr Understanding
mp3: Devon Sproule - Old Virginia Block
mp3: Woodpigeon - Home As A Romanticised Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever

See you all in a few weeks!

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  1. 1last year's girl

    So jealous - this year’s line-up is incredible, but a trip to Australia at the end of the month and looming deadlines means I’m stuck in Glasgow. Maybe next year. Have a fantastic time!

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