Xrabit & DMG$

Friday, 29 August 2008, 15:11 | Category : Uncategorized
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Here’s something else good and new from my inbox. I’m usually favourably disposed towards fellow Eastenders, so here’s Dalston-dwelling (though German-born) producer Xrabit, recently signed to Big Dada (so recently that he hasn’t even been added to their artists list yet), who brings some tough beats and lets the Texan MC duo Damaged Goods (DMG$) loose all over them. The press blurb says that these two are “Andre 3000 worshipping Texan MCs”, though from the evidence of the photo, the influence doesn’t seem to be sartorial. Anyway, I don’t really go out dancing anymore but if I did, this is the sort of thing that I’d want to hear this weekend.

mp3: Xrabit & DMG$ - Killin’ ‘Em (Xrabit remix)

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