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Legendary record label Too Pure may be no more, subsumed into the growing 4AD empire, but it still lives on for the time being in the form of the Too Pure Singles Club. They’ve been putting out limited edition 7 inches since last November, and the latest installment in the series is by Paperplain.

Paperplain is the analogue-loving 18-year old Helen Page, knocking out bedroom songs on an old eight-track recorder. Two of these are on the single, and provide proof that even in a crowded market for sensitive female acoustic types, Page can more than hold her own.

mp3: Paperplain - Spin Wheel

11:30/Spin Wheel is released on 8 September. Buy it (and other sevens) from Too Pure.

4 Comments for “Paperplain”

  1. 1Campfires and Battlefields

    Pretty and sweet. Fragile as spun sugar.

  2. 2Joelle

    Paperplain is love.

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    C&B - spot on again as usual. Joelle - well, you may be right - who knows?

  4. 4Anonymous

    the link doesn’t work?

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