Two Thousand and ACE

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Contrary to the song, the best things in life usually aren’t free. Though often the best things come in the smallest packages - whether’s it’s your local independent cafe or bookshop, magazine or record label. Speaking of which, they don’t come much smaller and more perfectly formed than Brainlove Records. They’ve already released one of the singles of the year in the shape of the Friends of the Bride / Modernaire split seven, and now they’ve come up with a low-key monster in the recent compilation Two Thousand and Ace. It might not be free, but it’s certainly cheap - at a fiver it’s a total bargain for the 27 tracks of genre-hopping indie goodness including the aforementioned 7 inch partners, plus Cats in Paris, Capitol K, Bearsuit and Brainlove stalwarts Napoleon IIIrd, Pagan Wanderer Lu and The Keyboard Choir. In fact, instead of trying to pursuade you to buy albums that I’ve got free, like I usually do, I’m going to dig deep into my dusty pockets for that old crumpled fiver and send it virtually to the Brainlove people in return for one of their 1000 Two Thousand and Ace CDs. Not just because Brainlove is a great little label that could do with your financial support, but also because the clue’s in the title, folks!

mp3: The Keyboard Choir - In This Situtation, Thinking Won’t Help
mp3: Junkplanet 2 - The Half Life

I do have these two tracks to share with you. Enjoy, then buy from the Brainlove myspace (or the proper website, if you don’t like these annoying myspace link guard thingys).

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