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A couple of weeks ago I plugged the upcoming event this Thursday folks! – which is a collaboration between my friends David and Ping* aka The Henningham Family Press and Californian multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy (I know, I met him last night) John Ringhoffer aka Half-handed Cloud.

Back then I had only heard the four tracks available off the Asthmatic Kitty website, but in the intervening period I’ve been lent a copy of his latest album Halos and Lassos and it’s been bringing me a lot of pleasure. 19 tracks in 29 minutes will give you an idea that Ringhoffer doesn’t lean in a prog direction. His songs are short, sweet and packed with tunes, various odd instruments and lyrics which take you from cars, to God, to sheep, to paper airplanes and beyond. It’s worth stopping and listening to what he’s singing about. And he plays the Omnichord. Anyone who plays the Omnichord is worth a listen in my book.

So, a great little album and it’s whetted my appetite for more. Thankfully the Asthmatic Kitty shop can meet that need. And though John’s back catalogue of experimental pop may be rich and impressive, he’ll be playing none of it down The Foundry on Thursday night. It’ll all be new stuff, and the whole music/printing/12 foot vinyl record-making thing is nothing if not intriguing. Should be a great evening.

Download: Half-handed Cloud – A Picnic Few Want to Attend
Download: Half-handed Cloud – Praise Awaits You

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